Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged! I have to give a special thanks to Kim for tagging me, I haven't yet and was starting to feel out of the "Blog Club".

7 Facts About Myself
The Rules
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The 7 facts about myself:

1. I love to clean the house with Celine Dion BLASTING! I mean to the point that my house is vibrating and the pictures are falling off the wall. And I sing (more like scream) along at the top of my lungs and I love it.

2. I love the gym! I know that some people hate to go to the gym but I love to go and get sweaty with other sweaty people and I love to flex my butt at the mirrors. I will never give up my gym pass!

3. I have a major celeb crush on Will Smith. When he was working out with his shirt off in "I Am Legend" I almost hyperventelated! I have loved him since "Fresh Prince" and yes Kevin knows that he is my celebrity man. If i didn't have Kevin in my life Jada would have some major competition!

4. I don't wear toe nail polish during the summer. Really. When I
was younger someone pointed out that nail polish has sparkles in it just like fish bait and that fish probably get confused sometimes and bite toes. So I WILL NOT wear toe nail polish if there is any chance of getting in any water that may contain hungry fish.

5. I have a reading addiction. I LOVE to read anything and everything. And even if I hate the book/series I'm reading I have to finish it, even if I'm rolling my eyes at every word. But when I'm reading a book that I love I'll stay up until 3 a.m. reading it!

6. I love Mustard and hate Ketchup. I wouldn't eat Ketchup as a kid cuz it looked like blood and now i just think it's yucky. But I love to drench everything in Mustard.

7. I'm envyious of pregant bellies. NO, I do not plan on having kids for at least 3 more years, so don't ask. But I think pregant bellies are so fun. I have this thing were I always have to touch a big belly if I see one -yes I'm one of those freaks who touch people I don't know bellies in the store- I can't help it! I can hardly wait to have a basketball looking belly and waddle around cuz I'm so big.

So now I get to tag! Hmm I tag Mardi, Corine, Kim S, and Megan! Ok that isn't 7 people but really lets not get super annoying! Thanks for reading about me and making me feel loved! Love ya all!