Monday, October 27, 2008

BYU vs UNLV game!

On Saturday Kevin and me went with his family to the UNLV game. Kevin's cousin is the kicker for UNLV, we had a great time cheering for UNLV with all the zubies around us!

Here's Kevin and me at the game in our awesome shirts that his aunt made fo everyone to wear. They say "CTR" on the front and the #37 with "Choose The Rebels" on the back. We got soo many complements on these shirts, even from BYU fans!

My family was at the game to, so of course we had to get a family picture! I don't think the colors clash to bad. Right?

Here's the big man, Kyle!

We had so much fun at the game with everyone! Thanks Trish and Scott for the great tickets and shirts!


Bri andJason said...

hey missy, am so excited I found you have a blog. Its been such a long time, and looks like you guys are doing really good. Miss ya missy.

The Baileys said...

I can't believe how old your brother is getting. I remember when we'd hang out when you were babysitting him when he was 5. Holy cow, that's crazy

Jenn said...

We should have gone to the game. It looks like you guys all had so much fun. I didn't think Zach would want to go so I never asked him, he was kinda mad at me for that one. Hopefully there will be a next time.