Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on already!

This is me right after my last haircut ONE YEAR AGO! I love my hair short but I decided a year ago that I was going to grow it out. Geez it is taking FOREVER!!

Here's me now. I really don't feel like it's grown alot concidering it's been a year! I'm at the ugly stage of the hair right now and I'm SOO tempted to chop it off! CINDY- DO NOT LET ME CUT IT! PS. I have NO makeup in this photo, so be nice and don't cringe to bad!

This is my goal hair do! I love the long lose curls! I'm going to try so hard to be strong and just deal with it!


Jason and Bri said...

hey missy, so you should totally grow it out. I think it would be really pretty on you. I love your short hair too. advise get pregers and than it will really grow trust me I said I wouldn't cut my hair tell I had my first baby and than I decided not to cut even though I've been dieing to cut it short, than I got pregnant again so I said k after this baby I'll cut it off and it grew even more!!! And now I have both babies and decided to just keep it long for now. But seriously pregnancy helps it grow so freaking fast!!

Cindy said...

Well unless you have someone else cut it I promise I will NOT cut it off...unless you pay me ALOT of money:) Wuv ya!

Carli said...

I love this hair style! You would look way cute with it. Keep it growing!