Monday, June 30, 2008


On Friday night after a long wait we finally got sod! Kevin and a friend did the whole backyard on Friday night and on Saturday night with some help from Kevin's dad and big brother Chris we were able to get it done in a few hours! I am so happy to have grass!
This is our front window box, were to busy to really do anything big with it so were going to put a bench in the middle and have a little sitting place. In the fall I MIGHT plant tulips but I don't know.
This is the dog area on the side of our house. It's nice to have them have their own area and still not be our way.
This is a little path we put in to get to the dog kennel from the back porch. Were so happy to have a yard! Thank you so mcuh to everyone who has helped us! It's been a month from hell but it's over now!


Jame said...

Your house looks so good. And I love the back steps! THe grass looks great.

Sliders said...

It looks awesome. I know how nice it is to heve done.

Scott & Brittany said...

Nice work! it looks like your home is coming together just great besides the sprinkler trench in the side of the house, jk...Orem FD representin'! ha ha. The only thing that would have made the first picture better is if Kevin's truck was parked on the grass, muddy n' bloody, with a dead deer in the bed. I know you'll post a new pic after the hunt this year. We need to BBQ this summer in your sweet yard!