Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Bowling Party

My work had their Christmas party at FatCats this weekend. It was lots of fun to bowl in such a big group. Here's Dr Dogde my boss getting ready for a possible STRIKE!

My favorite! Cindy-Lou and her HOTT date Clark.

Here's Me and Cindy posing with our balls (I was totally using the 8 lbs ball to). We had no clue Kevin was in the picture to until we uploaded the pics on the computer. What a goof.

Here's some of the GREAT GIRLS that I get to work with everyday. Soon I won't be working with some of them as the move and have babies but I love them always!Cindy and me were in a contest to see who was the worst bowler and I totally was! Even with bumpers I barely broke 100. When I didn't have bumpers I only got 56. Hehe, I really suck!


Cindy said...

HOTT date is right! Do you know how much fun you and I would have bowling just the two of us....we might have to do it sometime!!

Mardi and Jeremey said...

You do suck! haha, j/k! Nothing but love! Bowling parties are the best kind of parties in my opinion!