Monday, February 23, 2009


Here's Kevin and me at the long awaited Celine Dion concert! We were able to move from really crappy nose bleed seats to SECOND ROW seats! It was soo amazing!

There she is! Celine had some great dresses and some great backup dancers!

Here's Kevin, me and Celine! Ya we saw sweat! It was soo amazing!

It's she beautiful! This picture is barley focused in. We were soo close to her! I still can't get over it!

Here's Kevin, me and my family! It was honestly worth holding onto those tickets for 15 months! Celine has an amazing voice and was a great performer! I loved this concert and had the best time singing and dancing along with Celine!


abby said...

wow! second row!? how'd that happen? so glad you got to go finally! we missed you for dinner, but we'll invite you over again soon.

Carli said...

I am so jealous! I saw her in concert about 3 years ago in Vegas and she does have one amazing voice! You are lucky! I am glad you had great seats and a fun time!

Joanna said...

I had a move up happen at a concert before because our seats were broken I guess- I was so stoked!!! I would love to see Celine!!

Chelsey said...

Man you guys had good seats! Lucky.