Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who wants a puppy?

AWW! Isn't that the sweetiest looking puppy ever? We breed Tucker and Bear with another german shepherd down the street and here are the puppies!

Here's me with one

Here's Kevin with another

Doggie Pile!

Aww! Here's all nine of them! They are 3 weeks old and are soo sweet and fun! They just started to walk and play with eachother! You know you want one (and if you do let me know)!


Jason and Bri said...

Hey miss, so cute!!! How big do they get? Do they shed a lot? How much are you saleing them for? I've been dieing to get a dog, pretty much our hole marriage. I wanted to get a little dog and than a big dog. Are they hard to train? Good around little kids?

Scott and Brittany said...

Your puppies are sooooooo cute! I would take one, but Scott would kill me if I did.

Dustin and Arianne said...

Look at those precious little things. I wish we could have one!!! Dang allergies.

Carli said...

They are too cute! I would love to have a dog but Preston is so allergic to all dogs! His face swells up so bad and breaks out in hives, it is actually pretty funny to see it happen! "I am so mean!"

Kim Shepherd said...

Too bad we live in an apartment :(