Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yes that's right I went to the Yanni concert. And guess what? I LOVED it! Really. I grew up on this music and it was soo much fun to go with my parents to it!

Here's my dad, my mom, me and Heather. Special thanks to Heather for going with me at the LAST MINUTE!

Here's Heather and me with the dummer that has been with Yanni for 30+ years. That's almost as good as meeting Yanni himself, right? Thanks mom and dad for letting me come along, I had a great time!


Cindy said...

That drummer has amazing hair!!!!

Harris Family said...

How awesome! I love to play his piano music so I am way jealous you got to see him! So fun! :)

Megan Slider said...

Happy Birthday Ciara!