Monday, September 7, 2009

Catch up!

It's been a busy month! We've been working hard and playing harder! So here's a quick catch up of the month of August! We had lots of fun fishing up Payson Lakes with the Hess'! It was a really great day for fishing, everyone caught something. I love the picture of all the boys with their shirts off!

I hiked to Stewart Falls with my mom, brother and the boys. It was the eaisest hike ever, the boys pulled the whole way! It was a beautiful hike, but didn't see any wildlife. I'm sure that's cuz my boys scared them away!

We said goodbye to these sweet little guys! We had so much fun playing with all the puppies this summer. Whenever we had some free time we would go "borrow" some puppies for a few hours and have lots of fun playing with them. Their all gone now and I honestly miss them!

And the most important thing that happened in August was that Kevin and me celebrated our 5 year anniversary! I can't believe that we have been married for so long! It's seriously flown!! We love that we've had all this time to ourselves to go on lots of fun vacations and accomplish some of our goals. I love Kevin with all my heart! He is the most supporting, loving, caring, sexy, hott, sweet husband ever! I can't wait for whatever the next 5 years hold!


Mchoneys said...

Ciara! Looks like you are having a fun summer! Happy 5 year anniversary! That is really awesome

Jenn said...

What fun times! I think you better send that cowboy over to the Fossum farm, we could always use some extra hands. Are you up for shoveling poo, Kev?