Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our totally awesome 12 day vacation! (warning: very big post!)

Here we are starting our awesome vacation! We are heading to cali here! It was just Kevin and me the whole time and honestly we loved it like that!

Part 1: CALIFONIA! Here's Kevin boogie boarding at the beach!

I tried boogie boarding to, but wasn't that big of a fan!

We of course had to hit Disneyland (we have for the last 6 years) Here we are on Tower of Terror! Our favorite!
Us in front of Kevin's favorite ride, Woody's roundup!
We had a huge group with us in Disneyland! There's Summer, her baby Kila, her little sister Chelsea, Jenny and Eric, me and Kevin and Chelsea and her little guy Noah! We had so much fun with everyone!

We stay with Summer everytime we go to Cali and this is the first time she came to Disneyland with us!

We got soaked on Splash Mountain!

Were's such kids!
While in Cali Kevin decided to learn how to surf! Good thing we had Dave there to teach him!

He totally stood up (white wash or not) it's still pretty cool!

Us in front of our favorite Cali resturant, BJ's and at the end of our Cali trip

Part 2: CRUISE! Here's our cruise boat, we were soo excited to get on the boat!

Here's our room with a view! It makes such a big difference to have a room with a window, we'll never go without again!

We decided to hangout on the front of the boat for when it pulled out of the harbor. It was really pretty but super windy!

Our first stop was Ensanada, Mexico. We went horse back riding on the beach, which was really fun except the horses didn't listen to us at all!

We also stopped by the blow hole, which was really pretty!

We were having so much fun! We didn't want it to ever end!

We stopped and ate in this resturant that was decked out with monkeys! It was so funny!

A little monkey love

Getting dressed up for formal nite was really fun! I've only worn this dress one other time so it was nice to bust it out again!

This is our totally awesome group that we hung out with on the cruise! There's Mitch and Karen on the top and Jamiah and Anthony next to us! We love these guys and can't wait to see them again!

This is Kevin the entire cruise! He loves the boats soft serve icecream and could usually be found with two in his hands!

Like Kevin's braclets? Their for seasickness! The boat really rocked and made us both a little sick so we usued whatever would help!

Our second stop was Cabo and I loved it there! The water was perfect and Kevin had to drag me out of it to get back on the boat!Here's Kevin with our "glass" bottom boat! Haha nice huh? We took a little cruise around the bay of Cabo before we hung out at a great beach.

There's our boat!

We made a quick stop at Lovers beach, it was beautiful. The beach is between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean.

This is the little opening to the Pacific ocean side of the beach

The Pacific side was soo beautiful!

There were huge waves on the Pacific side so Kevin had a great idea to run to the end of the beach when the waves would be building up and then run up the beach as fast as he could before the water got him. It was soo funny!

One wave got a little to close!

The famous Lover Beach arch

Our awesome boat!

A view of the beach we hung out at for the day!

There's this place in Mexico called Senor Frog that is really popular so of course we had to make a quick stop there!

And the place is a party! There's dancing, load music playing, great food and drinks! I could have hung there all day!

There was this guy who was dressed up like a pirate there, he looked just like Jack Sparrow (except he was covered in gold)!

LOBSTER NITE! K your not going to believe me but Kevin ate 4 lobsters! I couldn't believe it! Then as soon as he was done he ran and got two icecreams for the soft serve machine!

I stopped at 2!

Here's us with our awesome waitress on the last nite on the boat, she was the sweetest lady ever!

This is the group that we ate dinner with everynite. Kevin and me felt really luck to be able to sit with such fun people every nite!


Jason and Bri said...

That's really fun Ciara, am so jealous, I need a vacation like no other. I guess it will have to wait tell maybe this spring or summer. Any ways looks like you guys had a ton of fun. And you look really pretty in your dress!

Chelsey said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Send me your email address and I will forward the pictures I took! Chels