Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year Kevin and me got to hunt together since we both had buck tags! It was my first year hunting and I was super excited! Kevin got this 2*4 on opening morning of the hunt.

This is the biggest buck that Kevin has ever gotten and he was soo excited! This guy was 3 hours up American Fork canyon (and it took us 5 hours to haul him out) but we think he is mount worthy so it was worth it!

Here's me with my first buck ever! Yes I shot it all by myself, the first shot was a perfect shot! I really did it by myself! It's a 4*4 with eye guards and yes to those who are wondering it is bigger than Kevins!

Here's Kevin and me with my buck! Kevin kept telling me all day how proud of me he was and promises that he doesn't mind that mine is bigger than his!

I am so excited and proud that I was able to do this by myself! I'm really happy that me and Kevin were both able to get something this year and were going to get them both mounted. Hmm... where to hang them?


Jason and Bri said...

Thats really cool Ciara! Next year Jason will be drawing out, so we will be going hunting next October were excited!!!

Harris Family said...

Way to go C! That's impressive!