Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I got a job at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center! I am very excited for this new opportunity and can't wait for all the great things that will be coming along with my new job (can you say tuition reimbursement)! I will be a PCA in the Orthopedic surgery area and am super excited! I am really sad though because I will be leaving my amazing job of two years. I LOVE my old office and am really sad to say goodbye to the great people I get to spend so much time with. I hope they know how much I will miss them and how much I appreciate them! xoxo forever Dodge Family Dental!


Jason and Bri said...

C- that new job will be really great, YA!!!! But I hear ya on bittersweet. Well any ways congrats girl!

Mchoneys said...

wow C! congrats that is really awesome!