Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is a grizzley bear that Kevin spotted in Yellowstone. He was digging for something in the ground, it was really cool.

Kevin and me in front of Old Faithful.
There were tons of elk and bufflo all around, it was really cool! As you can tell it was freezing while we were there!
Kevin and me in front of a polar bear! That thing was huge!!
K, I know these pictures are sideways (don't really know why) but I thought they were soo funny. We were in Jackson Hole and this store had a big Big Foot that we had to snag a picture with!
I think I'm in love!
Me in front of the Antler Park in Jackson hole. I think that this is the coolest arch ever! I honestly LOVE it! We had so much fun in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole (places we hit on the way to Kevin's bear hunt) I can't wait to go back!