Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kevin's Bear!

So after we went to Yellowstone we headed up to Montana for a bear hunt. Kevin has been wanting to go on one for a while so we headed up for his birthday. The day after his 29th birthday he got the best present ever! This beautiful chocolate black bear! He weighted about 250 lbs and was 6 feet tall, Kevin shot him from almost a 400 yard shot. It was really impressive!

Here's Kevin and me with his bear! I was so happy he got a bear, especially cuz we had ticks crawling all over us and I wanted to get out of that canyon!
Here is Kevin with our awesome guide John. John was really a great guy and was super helpful!
Here's a close up of the bear. It had a really great coat and color. You can't see it but he had some HUGE teeth!
I wouldn't want to clawed with those! We had a really great time on our trip and I'm pretty sure that Kevin had the best birthday ever! PS Happy Birthday baby! I love you so much and had so much fun on our quick little get away!


Harris Family said...

That is so impressive!! I would die if I even saw a bear - so to go hunt one out is crazy to me. :)But way to go Kevin! So jealous you got to go to Yellowstone too. I grew up going there every year. Such a beautiful place!

whit said...

UMMM...WOW! Thats all I have to say! I want to hear about this one!