Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does that make me crazy?!?

Ok. Been a while, I know! I'm a busy girl OK! On October 30 I ran my first 10k. I was training for a half marathon, but backed out at the last second (literally!) and honestly I'm glad I did! I ran the 10k in 62.52 mins, which is a 10.06 miles/min, which I am proud of!

I'm wonder woman, DUH!
We had to wear a costume to the run and I wore the easiest thing I could think of! I know it doesn't really make alot of sense, but oh well! I am now training for a half marathon that takes place in April and a Triathalon that takes place in June! Crazy huh?
And this is Dixie! The newest member of our family! I know, I know, another dog! Kevin suprised me with her two weeks ago and I just love her! She is the sweetest thing ever! This is her sleeping with her bone!
Here's Dixie making friends with Tucker! Sweet huh? I know you're all thinking 'just have a baby already!' but I want to wait til I'm done with school and that's another year and a half away, and I'll admit I want a baby, but that's what Dixie is for now! haha!
Soo, I guess I'm crazy on two accounts now huh? :)


abby said...

yes you are crazy, but awesome too. way to go on running! i keep thinking about it but never actually doing it. :) and dixie is completely adorable! makes me want a dog.