Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011? No plans!

2010 was a great year for Kev and me! We did alot of fun trips this year and got lots of great times! Here are some highlights of the last year:

Kev went on a bear hunt in Montana and got his first bear! Lucky me, it's a full body mount that'll be here within a few months! Kev has picked out it's "spot" that it is going in the living room. It's going to be awesome.

We went to Disneyland for the 7th year in a row! We love Disneyland and have been going since we were dating!

Kev then went on a elk hunt and got this huge beast! Ya I don't know where he thinks this thing is going but it is NOT my living room!

We also celebrated our 6 year anniversary! We have accomplished so much in these great 6 years! We are so excited for 2011, there are lots of new things that will be coming this year!

One day in November I told Kev that I either wanted a baby or a puppy! So guess who showed up with this sweetheart THE VERY NEXT DAY! haha! I love my little Dixie so much!
Umm there were tonz of other fun things of the year, but lets focus on this new year! I have realized that I suck at making "resolutions" so I'm not! But I do have goals for the year! Like:
-I want to run in a half marathon this year, with a goal time of under 2 hours (putting me at a 9 min mile!)
-I want to compete in a triathlon (specifically Salem's Triathlon on June 14th). My goal time? Haha ya right! I just want to finish it!
-I want to lost XX lbs in fat(yes it is in the double digits) and gain 5-8 lbs in muscle!
-I want to get all A's in all of my classes and I want to be the top b*tch in my class! :)
-I want to make sure Kev has the best 30th bday by taking him to Cancun, all payed by me! That means LOTS of over time, but it's worth it!
-I am going off my birth control in August! Ya I know, where finally ready to start a family (with babies, not dogs)! haha. We are both very excited about this, August can't get here soon enough!